The Devil in the Data.

Having a career as a technology professional for the past 20+ years, I have had the luxury of gaining inside knowledge with how technology is used in today’s society. I’ve worked with advanced software and hardware since 1997 and have experience with everything from low-level computer repair to analysis using data science. I have worked on a broad spectrum of technology projects in different industries and I understand tech, but I find myself very disappointed in the direction the world is headed with its use. We are quickly moving to a controlled surveillance system that George Orwell himself would have nightmares of if he knew of how we are using it. With this blog, I’m going to attempt to share some secrets of data with you, that will help you understand the full breath depth of how we human beings are tracked and monitored with it.

In my career, I have seen the wondrous benefits of technology where work is done more efficiently and people communicate more easily. Large projects are managed better, and budgets are met and timelines are on track. I also know of the dark side of Information Technology, where people abuse it to steal, conceal activities, destroy relationships and murder the character of others with it. There is much we can do with information technology, but using it against people instead of helping people is where ethical and morale boundaries are crossed.

I have researched and studied how social media app like Facebook and other personal data warehousing apps like an electronic medical record could easily be traversed by several companies in order to manipulate profits. It’s a little-known truth that companies like Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are collecting an enormous amount of data on everyone. They collect information that we, as non-paying users and paying customers, often freely give away. We willingly hand over all of our important information, including: total life history, jobs, important dates, private pictures, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, personal messages, chats, texts, e-mails and the like to companies without know how they work, what they do with the information and who they share the information with. We also tell companies, by using their apps, who we have secret fascinations with, who we stalk, who we like, who we dislike (which looks strikingly similar to a behaviors of liking a person), whose pictures we view and posts we read and re-read. Social media companies are able to learn what we think by what we look at, what we like and what we post. They even capture the text that you don’t post, as their app collects every keystroke you type in the text boxes, whether or not you click or press enter to send, post, or comment. It’s all collected and stored. Companies like Facebook can also store data about you even if you do not have a Facebook account.

Other types of information apps like Facebook “know” about you:

1. What posts interest you by the scroll time or the measurement of time you scroll down your feed, where you stop, which posts are of interest, which posts you have no interest in.
2. What emotions you experience while reading each post using cameras.
3. Data companies know what you believe, what you don’t believe, what you have faith in and what your intellectual level and education is when you provide them the data in the empty boxes to complete their datasets.
4. They know how much you make, your net-worth, your likability among your friends and how well you write.
5. Social media apps know what your drives and passions are, by what you look at, what you like, what you don’t like, etc.
6. Facebook can track you on other websites using web traffic and off-site cookies with analytics to obtain information on what you look at while you are NOT on Facebook.
7. Your emotions while reacting to posts using emoticons: Each graphic has metrics assigned to recategorize the information and determine the “thought” as to how you feel about it. You tell them how you feel by clicking the preselected emoticons allowed for you to click. Each emoticon has metrics to reveal your psychological decision making and beliefs.

Facebook Emoticon Set

Tech companies sell these large datasets to other companies to advertise, perform data analysis and re-sell to anyone willing to buy. They keep measurements on each person and assign values to indicate: our financial credit rating, social/citizen credit rating insurability ratings, and our psychological (mental health) and physical health scoring. It is well known that our government, law enforcement, healthcare systems and insurance companies use this data from all apps people use to track and monitor citizens.

In 2018, I was studying data science. My ultimate goal was to obtain a (very) high paying position at a technology company, performing big data analysis on information. My secondary plan was to start a company and create an app that people would use for the purpose of selling on data (of people), just like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the others software companies. The plan was to use, sell, market and make a ton of money on personal data, just like the founders at the social media companies have, only they did it first. It’s still an open game. Data collection for the masses is ongoing. The amount of data people self-report is voluminous and without end. Humans are continuously creating reasons, devices, services, and technologies to collect more and more data for the purpose of control.

During my studies and initial start of data research and collection, I started to mind map of all the data points and datasets that would be useful for my company to collect and store. Once I mapped it all out – I was destroyed, emotionally and mentally. The ethics and morals one has to disengage to do this type of work would be soul-crushing. This is the same information people have collected on the population of the world and unsuspecting citizens don’t know much about it. The diagram below is a screenshot of the diagram I created in 2018 with datasets companies currently collect on each user of their application. If the companies work together, which they do, it is easy to see, that our digital lives can tell the story of our life and leave little to the imagination.

Data points (possibly) captured by app technology companies.

Where is this leading to? Where is the data mining, artificial intelligence and data warehousing on every human being, including their DNA/RNA, leading us to? How much power are we giving over to the software companies we have grown up with, use daily and have a relationship with, while they secretly and not-so-secretly store all of our private thought and events of our lives?

As Christians, we know we are not of this world. Satan is the ruler of this world, but he is no longer king. Jesus Christ became king of this world and of Heaven when He died on the cross to pay for us. That’s right friends, we were purchased at a price.

We are to be of the kingdom of God, not the kingdom of Satan. We know that keeping this kind of data of every human life minimizes the value of life. We are not to look at human lives as facts, numbers and figures. We are not to devalue life of another human being by coalescing data points, sets, libraries or warehouses. That’s what Nazi Germany did with the SS. That’s what Russia did with the Stasi. That is what Japan did with war crimes against China and that is what China does now to its own citizens. Yet here we are. If you could see all the data collected in all of the world, you would easily recognize that it’s just Satan’s bad copy of the Lamb’s Book of Life. He is collecting his own data on humans using humans and showing us how to use the data against each other. Its’ technological witchcraft and sorcery.

We Christians are to expose evil, and I pray with this work I have done so with big data, data science and the control of mankind. We are to destroy the works of the devil, stand against misuse of people and protect the vulnerable from manipulative behaviors of other humans. We can start this by exposing the lies behind what exactly has been done, in whose name, and why. We must reject the control, manipulation and domination of others for the sake of power and money. We must protect each other from misuse and abuse by the wealthy because of data and greed.

The upcoming plans being made to control humans with data are terrifying unless we acknowledge that this was always the plan from the beginning. It’s a long-running play by Satan to steal God’s children and not let their souls be free because of sin. He is still trying to condemn us with him. The only issue he has, and he knows this (spoiler alert), is that he IS conquered. He IS defeated and we are to keep defeating him until the return of Jesus Christ, and by the look of things, it will not be long!

God bless you to the understanding of this message. You are loved!

Christians! We Are Being Shadow Banned

Posts you make on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like are not getting seen like once were. Many posts only reach those who follow you, have the same interests as you, or those who stumble upon your public shares. They do not reach the masses, even if they are publicly shared and even when you allow them to share it on Google. They are simply blocked or shadow banned.

Shadow banning, also called stealth banning, ghost banning or comment ghosting, is the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community so that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.


Why? Because much of the content in people’s posts goes against the interests of social media platforms’ stated purpose, to be universally liked and have trusted brand following. They want their experience with many to be positive, so they manipulate these experiences using proven psychological methods of emotional state changes in people. They have been growing in this craft for a long time, so they are able keep people engaged (addicted) in their app enough to throw advertisements at them and sell their data to other companies, to profit. It’s a business.

When you use social media to cross post articles from your blog or other websites, the clicked links can take users from the app and place them in websites outside of the apps control sphere, which is bad business. They do not want users to leave, so the powers-that-be limit your linked posts from large groups of other social media app users, even if they are your friends or followers and are engaged with your content. They simply will not be seen by a large number of your friends or followers, because they don’t meet the standards and metrics set by the apps.

Twitch Is Continuing To Ban Streamers Without Stating Why, And It Isn’t Helping Anyone

However, if you share a post of a life event, a cute family picture or something that gives the social media more use and attention, it will have a greater chance to be seen by many. These types of posts change people’s emotional state, are generally positive and likable, and keep people entranced by the content. On the flip-side, if it is political, religious, something divisive or negative enough to “turn people off” after viewing, it is shadow banned to protect that company from users abandoning the app due to negative emotional state changes. In short, few people will see your post, if any at all. But do not give up on your mission to share the message!

Social media apps judge your posts and they are getting aggressive. They have the power to influence the actions of people and if your content is not working for their interests – it is hidden. You will not know that it is being hidden, thus the reason for the term “shadow banned“. If your posts contain scripture, faith keywords or other keywords like revival, salvation, etc., you will be shadow banned.

If one truly speaks on repentance, but leaves out topics such as: atheism, sexual immorality, pornography, sex trafficking, abortion and abuses of people, are they really following Jesus?

Secret Blacklists

Christians, especially those following the bible, can sometimes create divisive posts. If you are speaking the gospel, you must also speak on repentance, and there is a lot to repent from. Evil in the Bible is no longer considered evil in this world. It is why we have riots and looting, murders, rapes, and violence of all kinds ramping up in the streets of this nation. If one truly speaks on repentance, but leaves out topics such as: atheism, sexual immorality, pornography, sex trafficking, abortion and abuses of people, are they really following Jesus?

Christian TikTok Videos Are Censored And Deleted In The US, Creators Say

On Facebook, I have also found that the ministries I follow, who I used to see content from often, are being shadow banned. I no longer see many of the posts they used to share. If I go to many of my Christian friends or the churches facebook profiles, I will find posts that never showed in my feed. Even though I had subscribed to their content.

Twitter Admits Shadowban Plan: Conservatives on Twitter Brace for MORE Censorship

On the Facebook platform, I have also seen more changes in the past six months more than any other time in the application’s history with filtering. This is especially true for what social media categorizes as “religious content”. Very few facebook friends are getting the views and likes they once received when posting evangelical information. Perhaps it is because people are leaving the platform? Without actual data from Facebook or the other social media giants, we will never know, but they do. Shadow banning, like ghosting or cancel culture, is considered the new normal, but it’s not. It’s truly abnormal and it’s evil, and we are to expose evil.

“(Facebook) Gives me the willies” and “I don’t use it”

Elon Musk

As an evangelizing Christian, there are work arounds to have your posts seen by more people by sharing them widely in forums, groups, and in comments of other people’s posts. There are secrets to how social media apps work and how to get around the new filtering of posts or the filtering of your posts. While there are a few workarounds, it seems that this is the way things are headed, where some content is being limited, removed, fact-checked, or just plain censored. It’s not new, but it is an information war on Christ and unfortunately, these tactics prevent the word of God from reaching the lost and oppressed.

It is always wise to pray. Ask God how to get your content seen by more people, how we may intercede for others, and how we can grow the harvest with the Holy Spirit as our helper.

God bless, sharing is caring, you are loved. ❤️

“Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child; children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death. 22 You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 23 When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another. Truly I tell you, you will not finish going through the towns of Israel before the Son of Man comes.

Matthew 10:21-23