Stay In The Son

As I woke this morning, I heard the words spoken to me: “get plenty of sun today”.

Fall and Winter are coming! The days will be darker as the planet rotates and our time in the sun gets shorter. Even our fall schedules won’t have flexibility to stay in daylight as we were allowed to in the summer months. Our bodies need Vitamin D, which is derived from the sun. Vitamin D is important to our bodies and health, especially for our immune systems.

Walking in the sun with my son.

With the fall season, we will also have darker days and therefore, even our minds will see less physical light. Because of this, it is also important to stay in the son (of God), who is Jesus Christ. The fall season is also considered to be a season of death. Much of the world’s life systems, bugs, trees and plants die or go dormant. We tend to see this death and lose hope or at least recognize that even our lives are temporary. As such, we must always remember our Lord and praise Him and the son, who is Jesus Christ. Our hope is in Jesus for an everlasting life. This will bring us light even in the darkest of days and seasons. So, stay in the son of God, Jesus Christ. Be hidden in Him, who saves and trust in Him to keep you at peace and full of light and hope.

For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.

Colossians 3:3

This message also means we must continue staying in the body of Christ. We are called to meet together often (Hebrews 10:25) to celebrate our Lord, our callings for the Lord and, and to sharpen each other in Christ (Proverbs 27:17). Let us also pray for each other continuously and pray without ceasing for His guidance, mercy, grace, and gifts.

not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

Hebrews 10:25

We serve a triune God! Three in one, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. So when I hear a word, I also look for the other meanings, usually at least three. The third revelation from this morning’s word is to stay in the Son, and since Jesus is also the Word of God (John 1:14), we must also keep our minds on His word in our bible and continuously renew our mind in Christ and His teachings. This means bible study is required. New meaning and revelations will be added to our lives as we stay and study the word of God throughout the year. This is just a reminder to do so, as many have fallen away from meeting together or have neglected reading or staying in His word. The Lord is our strength and our comforter. He will see us through the next seasons. He is with us!

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14
Open Heavens

We have open heavens! This may result in the enemy having abilities to attack more powerfully in the upcoming months. So, let’s be sure to keep our mouths full of praise, our minds stayed on Him, and let His word from this message bring us a gentle reminder to stay in His word, focus on His Son, get some sun (outdoors), dwell on His Kingdom, and behold His glory!

Blessings to you this day and may the Lord keep you in perfect peace for the days ahead. Have joy in all things, for the Lord is good!

You are loved! ❤️

New Normal PTSD

Right now, in America, there are people shut in their homes and are afraid to go outside

There are people wearing masks everywhere, in their car, in their house and they can no longer tolerate seeing others walking around without a mask.

There are people who are watching the TV and cringing at TV shows, old TV shows and movies when they see characters not social distancing or wearing a mask.

There are people who are experiencing PTSD, including anxiety, fear, and anger when processing the CDC guidelines and they have no qualms about calling out others, yelling, and responding in anger to others because of their perceived “sins”. They believe they are protecting the world by raising an alarm.

These people may be you, your spouse, your friend, your mom, or your neighbor. They are all around. They are scared.

They need your help!

Over the past six months, our nation has been conditioned and programmed. People no longer see things for what they are and no longer tolerate others “getting away with” not taking as much care as they do or for just plain refusing to do what they have accepted as the new normal. They have been programmed with fear, anxiety, panic, phobia, and trauma, anger, control, worry, and doubt.

These are the effective tools in the arsenal of Satan.
Eph. 6:12

We must pray now, for our loved ones, for those who we need to love, for those who feel like they can no longer love and especially for those who feel anger, rage, and hate. We need to pray for everyone to be freed from these devices of our enemy.


Heavenly Father, I thank You for today. I thank You that I am not sick. I thank You that your word promises that I won’t be and that I am protected from any plague that comes near my home. Psalm 91:10

I ask for forgiveness from You for my sins as I forgive all people of their sins against me. These include sins of pride, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, panic, phobias, judgement of others, anger, and all other sins, knowingly and unknowingly done. I thank You for forgiving me.

Father, I thank You that You did not give me a spirit of fear, phobia, panic or anxiety, but of power, love, and a sound mind. 2 Tim. 1:7

Father, I thank You that You take away these burdens place on me an my family and I pray that Your angels are dispatched to us in our city now to minister to us, day and night, to protect us from the mind control spirits that keep us under their demonic oppression with control words. May all the evil devices that oppose your word be bound forever, may the evil words fall away and amount to nothing, and let your truth be revealed to all of us in this hour.

Lord, I thank You that Your word never returns void. And in the name of Jesus Christ, I ask for right now for all the evil spirits in my mind, body, heart, and soul be bound forever and I cast them out now. Let the spirits of fear, anxiety, worry, doubt, phobias, nightmares, tremors, PTSD, heaviness, depression, oppression, and suppression be bound with three cords, which are not easily broken.

Lord, I plead the Blood of Christ over myself, my family, my friends, my neighbors until His return. Heb. 9:28

I thank You Father, for protecting us, guiding us, loving us and forgiving us. I thank Your for keeping my in perfect peace as I keep my eyes upon you. I am truly blessed and I love you.

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen!

Be strong, do not fear; your God will come, he will come with vengeance; with divine retribution he will come to save you.

Isaiah 35:4

Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

The Bible tells us that our adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8 This means he is speaking to us through others, ourselves (the flesh), and through worldly means. Do we know what he is saying or sounding like in this hour so we may avoid his tactics to ensnare us? Let’s review!

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

1 Peter 5:8

Let’s start with what he might say when he roars. What does he say? Lies, mostly, right? Why does he roar? Like a lion, he roars to intimidate the weak-minded and to strike fear in those who believe his lies, so he may devour them. We know he comes to steal, kill, and destroy with his words, as he has been doing this for a long time. So, what is he saying lately?

Satan Roars:

You are going to get sick!”

Don’t make others sick!”

Your job is to keep each other safe!”

Wear a mask!

No justice, no peace!”

Defund the police!”

You’re/He’s/She’s/They’re racist!”

Practice social distancing!”

We must stop listening to his lies. There is no truth in him although he may sound very convincing. We also need to ignore those who sound like him. We can do this by seeking the truth in God’s word to show us the way and testing the spirit of what is being spoken against God’s word by holding every thought and word captive. God speaks in a still small voice. 1 Kings 19:12 What does He say about all this?

God Says:

“I will keep you safe.” Psalm 91

“Lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” Mark 16:17

“Feed my sheep, tend my sheep, feed my sheep.” John 21:17

“Wear your full armor.” Ephesians 6:10-18

“I am your vengeance.” Romans 12:19

“I am your peace.” Isaiah 26:3

“Blessed our the peacekeepers.” Matthew 5:9

“Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Matthew 7:1-3

“(Do) not giving up meeting together” Hebrews 10:24-25

You will keep him in perfect peace,

Whose mind is stayed on You,

Because he trusts in You.

Isaiah 26:3

There are many who will argue what I said here, but it is the truth. God’s word will always confirm itself, no one owns it. We are set free by it. When we trust in what God said and in the words of Jesus Christ, we are no longer captive, we are free. The devil will always try to lie to us. He has lied from the beginning and is the father of lies. By keeping each thought and word captive, we are free from the lies and we will be kept out of the mouth of the lion. He may roar as loud as he wants, but we need to take our flesh into control and ignore what we hear him say.

Whose voice are you listening to? God’s, satan’s, or your own? The only way to discern is by the fruit the words produce. Is there any fruit that can brought about from the statements the devil speaks or are they the works of the flesh written about in Galatians 5:19-26? And since the tongue is of fire and can yield the power of life or death, what are we speaking about ourselves? Of others?

Works of the Flesh
Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness,  idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies,  envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like

Galatians 5:19-21

Whose voice are you listening to? Do our words align with God’s words? Do they produce the fruits of the spirit? Are our words true or are we merely repeating what we’ve heard, which may be from our adversary, using us as his mouthpiece to speak into the lives of others? Some of these words are talismanic or mantras that are spoken against us and the devil roars these loudly and often.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Galatians 5:22-23


Heavenly Father, we give thanks for today for all good things from you. We pray for our ears to be opened and our hearts are healed to know when you are speaking to us and when we are being lied to. In the name of Jesus Christ, we break any spell of witchcraft mind control and works of fear that are against our minds. We pray for spiritual discernment, Lord, and for you to guide us with knowledge and wisdom to know when we are on the wrong path, are saying the wrong words, or are not working in Your Holy Spirit.

Please watch over us Father and command your angels to minister to us to teach us the things you have created us for. So that we may walk in the purpose you created us to walk in. We thank you Lord Jesus that you paid the cost for our freedom from captivity and that you continue working with us to understand that our words have power and meaning and that we are to use them wisely and carefully. Let us hear your still, small voice, loudly and clearly and shut for us the mouth of the lions who seek after us. Thank you!
In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ, the King above all Kings, we pray,

Blessings to you and your hearing of this message. You are loved!

In Christ,
Darrell B. Jones

You Have A Very Good Chance Of Not Dying Today

Why am I talking about all this sickness and death? Because I once was tormented by it, had irrational fear about it, and succumbed to the idea that I was going to die early from it. Jesus Christ healed me of it!

People get strange sicknesses every year, like the bubonic plague, legionnaires disease, leprosy (yes, it’s still around), and obscure ones like encephalitis lethargica where people suddenly can’t stay awake. Between 1917 and 1930, patients who presented with encephalitis lethargica had a 50% mortality rate from the sudden onset illness. We just don’t hear about these illnesses very often, because it was rarely overhyped by our media and we don’t all work in medical field where many strange conditions do occur and are discussed more frequently. If we knew of the wide swath of various ailments that people are infected by every year, we’d all be hypochondriacs or worse, cyberchondriacs.

Ten Deadly Diseases Back From The Brink

In medical school, doctors-in-training often acquire sickness when learning, it’s called medical school syndrome and it can include minor symptoms, like rashes, itches, burning and various, more serious symptoms that med students had learned about at some point in their training. Some medical students actually die from weird illnesses that have long been dormant in average communities and sadly, many die by suicide.

Bubonic Plague Cases Are No Cause for Panic

While most speculate that this is related to the high-stress situation of the medical training and environment, I have come to learn that there is something more spiritual that causes these condition and deaths. There is a spiritual connection between medical student and practitioner suicides and the sickness and death that med students are surrounded by. Suicide and infirmity are contractable spirits. If you want to read more, about death curses, I wrote an article last week to explain what I have come to know as death curses and the spirit of death here.

70 percent of medical students had “groundless medical fears during their studies” and the second study found that 79 percent of randomly chosen medical students demonstrated a “history of medical student disease.”

Dr. Oliver Howes and Dr. Paul Salkovskis, 1998 paper in The Lancet 

The strange sicknesses that are constantly being reported of ebola outbreaks, deadlier version of pneumonia found in China that may be the bubonic plague, and a new foot and mouth disease found, once again, in China.

These new media releases of old sicknesses making a comeback are likely inflated. In a time when pandemic reports are causing people who are already freaked out about a virus to have more unfounded fear and anxiety when new media reports are release about old illnesses that were once very deadly. It is simply fear porn, in my opinion. What is the answer to fear? Love.

A joyful heart is good medicine,

    but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 17:22

Old Diseases, One Cure

Why am I talking about all this sickness and death? Because I once was tormented by it, had irrational fear about it, and succumbed to the idea that I was going to die early from it. Jesus Christ healed me of it! In my testimony, I recall how I felt how I was likely going to die at an early age because of my father’s health (cancer) and my family history with depression, diabetes, asthma and other medial issues. But I was cured in to 2018. You read that right, I was cured!

“God’s Word never fails. He will always heal you if you dare to believe Him. Men are searching everywhere today for things with which they can heal themselves, and they ignore the fact that the Balm of Gilead (Jeremiah 8:22) is within easy reach.”

Smith Wigglesworth

My faith and belief in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior is now my ongoing daily regimen of medicine. I no longer need to prescribe to anything else. My body is healthy, my heart is healthy and my mind has never been healthier! I have faith that He keeps me in perfect health and peace. No more depression or anxiety, no more pains that keep me up all night, no more fear that I will die an untimely death. I rebuked the fear of dying! Jesus offers this same peace to all those who believe in Him.

When you know that you have a heavenly home that is being prepared for you and you know without a doubt that you have an almighty everlasting Father in Heaven who loves you – those fears simply fade.

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

Isaiah 26:3

Have Faith!

Don’t focus on or spread evil reports, don’t listen to evil media and news updates that ooze out fear and anxiety in every direction, and don’t give any attention to people who offer no hope in our present time. These only add to worry, and we are not to worry. Besides, you have a very good chance of not dying today! Jesus Christ is King!

In Christ,
Darrell B. Jones

I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.

Psalm 118:17

Your War Has Been Won!

There’s a war against your peace, joy, prosperity, blessings, life, eternal salvation and the continuation of your family bloodline. It started in a garden, many many years ago, not just this year. It’s been raging your whole life. Perhaps you just now have begun to see it?

It’s time to know your battle plan. It is outlined in our favorite book, the Bible.
Pick up your weapon, the word of God, which is a sword to defeat your enemy. Put on your full armor to ready yourself! Your enemy comes at you to steal, kill and destroy with lies & deceit!

Lies are in the internal dialog in your mind and that come out of the mouths of those around you! They come from your friends and family, from the neighbors, from the news channels that you cannot stop looking to for help, yet find none. Satan is the father of lies and the ruler of this world, Do you know his tactics?

These lies sound like:

I’m worthless.

I’m not important.

I’m just a victim.

Nobody likes me.

I’m all alone.

I’m ugly.

I’m an accident.

I’m a failure.

I’m rejected.

What’s the point?

I don’t matter.

Why live?

Nobody loves me…

Jesus Christ came to defeat our enemy, and He did! It is done! He conquered the evil one and defeated death! We no longer have to believe in the lies of the enemy.
Jesus asks us to join Him in battle against evil, against sin, against the principalities, powers, rulers and authorities in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12) and pick up our sword. And do what with it?!


Declare the truth! Speak it to the air. It’s a form of worship and it tells your enemy what you believe. Speak the truth that God spoke to us from the very beginning:

I am valuable!

I am created for a purpose!

I am blessed!

I’m not a victim!

God likes me!

I’m never alone!

I was fearfully and wonderfully made!

He knew me before the beginning of time!

I am meant to succeed!

I was predestined to be adopted into sonship!

I am more than a conqueror!

I matter to Him!

I am seated on the throne with Jesus Christ!

God loves me!


Pray for yourself, pray for your family, pray for your neighbors, pray for your city, region and nation! Pray for your enemies! Pray for your friends! Pray for all those who are deceived by what the enemy has done to the minds of many.

God answers our prayers not because we are good, but because He is good.

A.W. Tozer

This is your war, this is your battle, this is your life. You now know the truth, it is time to defeat the enemy by fighting back the lies and deceit with the truth.
The truth that Jesus Christ came to set captives free. He transcends time and space. He is seeking His lost sheep in the fields and He wishes to co-labor with us to find them. He wishes to share His treasures with us! To reveal the truth to the lost and to turn them to Him to be saved.

Are you ready? Yes, life on earth is a war, but the war in the heavens is won! You are here to finish this battle against Satan and finally have victory over God’s enemies for good!

Please share the gospel with others and let your life be the ultimate testimony to God’s mercy, grace and love.

In Christ,
Darrell B. Jones

“Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.”

Luke 2:14

Paranormal TV & The Rise Of The Demonic

In 2004, the reality TV entertainment industry had a whole new quest to release an endless supply of ghost-related and paranormal television shows into the world. I should know because that was when my addiction to paranormal began. I was a full-blown addict to all things ghostly and paranormal and I didn’t know why until God showed me.

Weekly Entertainment

Ghost Hunters on A&E Network (2020)

The first show that had me hooked was a weekly show called Ghost Hunters on the now-defunct SyFy channel. Every year, there were similar new shows released to tickle the fancy of the paranormal reality TV viewers with all things ghostly and scary. There was Ghost Adventures, release in 2007, Paranormal State, also released in 2007, Most HauntedA HauntingCelebrity Paranormal ProjectExtreme Ghost Stories, and the list went on and on for the last 14 years. These shows had been released before but not in the reality TV way it was now being portrayed. I just had not realized how popular the older shows were since I had only begun to watch it in 2004 in the new, more addictive, and attention-getting format. I have viewed and purchased many seasons of these shows and found myself watching and rewatching the episodes. God, please bless my family for having endured this! I was fascinated by the paranormal and everything that it entailed and I was not alone.

It was in 2018 that I finally had a moment where I realized that I had looked at these shows all wrong. These 43-minute episodes fed my appetite for fear, only it wasn’t my appetite, but a demon of fear I had acquired. Demons of fear love these shows and have us coming back to them over and over, wasting our time, stealing our peace and joy, taking our blessings and we end up not producing anything fruitful without lives as a result of it. I had nothing to show for all the years of my TV viewing, except for spooky tales of various people giving testimonies of their experiences with, what I now know are, demons.

Ghosts and the Demonic

Ghost shows have it all wrong, well, that is all of them except one, which is Ghost Adventures. This show has been on the air for over 13 years. At one point, I had purchased every episode and season of the show and spin-off show (Aftershocks) since its inception into the paranormal franchise of television entertainment. Every year, I watched the people on these shows go from chasing spirits, or ghosts, in old western towns, to globetrotting across the world to various and notoriously haunted, or at least quite spooky, locations and every place in between. I was thoroughly addicted to these shows, that is until I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. 

These shows have us all fooled. There are no ghosts of people hanging around old decrepit and abandoned places. These aren’t spirits of people at all, they are demons.

Ghost Adventures on A&E Network. (2020)

These shows have us all fooled. There are no ghosts of people hanging around old decrepit and abandoned places. These aren’t spirits of people at all, they are demons. And if you watch Zak Bagans and his crew does their research for the past 10 years, they had come to know this to be true as well. They had to increase their show’s viewership by keeping the show titillating enough that their audience was supernaturally glued to the TV by ramping up the fear factor associated with their genre of television programming. Demonology is where they put all their focus for the maximum amount of profit, and rightly so, these shows made a lot of money and fear.

Ghost Adventures Season 17, Episode 1, Pasadena Ritual House. Example of satanic programming.


How do demons mess with us? Demons have been around for a long time. While I will not get into the biblical theology or other alternative theories that show where demons likely came from, we will say they have have been around humans long enough to know a great deal about us. They have these supernatural powers because they were created supernaturally, by God. Some say they are all fallen angels, while others say they are created by Satan himself using a spiritual children theology that I will not get into. Needless to say, they are here and they are just as bad and evil as we have come to know them. They hate us!

And why shouldn’t they? We were created in the image of God. We are alive and we have been given bodies. They have no bodies, they are personas without bodies, meaning, they have personalities, thoughts, feelings, etc. but they do not have a body. They have to use a host to experience life. So they live in us. This is what a ghost or an apparition is. A once connected to a human spirit that still retains the likeness and image of the host that had passed away. Since they no longer have bodies, they can appear as the people who once lived or breathed, because they were the deceased person’s familiar spirits.

Fear Not!

Bacteria sample

This is not to scare you, but if I told you that you have a staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria on your forehead, would you be alarmed? You shouldn’t as this bacteria is quite common on normal human skin and is known as our healthy skin flora. Well, much to the same effect, this is how demons can infect humans, except there is nothing good in demons, they are thieves trying to steal, kill, and destroy. Demons are real and they can be dangerous, but still, don’t be scared. We weren’t made with a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind as described in 2 Timothy 1:7God protects us.

Addiction to Scary Things

Why did I like these shows? Well, I did learn a lot from them and how they operate in people’s lives much more than many suspect, and it was a precursor to my life now in Christ, especially with the discerning of spirits gift I received in 2018. These evil spirits are in the world and they are constantly watching, planning, and harming people to keep them from their God-given blessings. They also cause horrible things to people in life to cause damage to God’s kingdom and His relationship with them when people are kept from the true purpose that God created them for. We must not put anything above God.

It’s so negative, why do you focus on them? Well, I don’t focus on demons all the time, but I do know they exist. I’m learning more and more each day as to how they manifest, how they operate, often in demon gangs, and most importantly, how to permanently cast them out. I hate evil spirits. They have caused so much loss in my life, and now that I know they exist, I am on a mission to help people identify, understand, and get rid of them from their lives through education. Besides, we are commanded to cast them out.

Many ministers get to the topic of demons and they think that all there is to know is about them is to cast them out and they should just stay out. While I agree 100% that this is what should happen, it is my experience that shows me that they do not stay out, especially when the host or person who had them make an accidental agreement with them. Jesus spoke of this in Matthew 12:43. For example, in the case of addiction with porn, a person makes an agreement that they are accepting and deriving evil pleasure from the activity of watching people, they do not know, having sex on a computer or TV screen. The person watching, and likely doing more than that, may or may not be married, which switches the sin from fornication to adultery. Both are bad, yes, as we (believers in Christ) are not to be engaged with anything that makes the body of Christ impure. So we do need to feed the sheep by educating others to the truth of Satan’s kingdoms and the strong grip he has on us because of the entertainment industry and shows them how to keep evil out of their lives. Yes, it is self-control and discipline, and it is required of us to reject the world to live for God’s kingdom, not Satans.

The Battle is Real

I had to reject paranormal TV for several reasons. One, it was too addictive for me, and two, it is demonic, meaning it is used to worship Satan and his kingdoms, not Gods. I learned that I had demons of fear of evil things, which gave me a fascination with evil things and kept me in bondage to these shows. I had to repent for this, so I deleted all the TV shows from my library and DVD collections, and I haven’t watched an episode since 2018! 

These shows can be gateways into the demonic, especially if you start ghost hunting and participating in demonic teachings by having lust for more of it and becoming involved or infatuated with the paranormal. I have seen enough of these shows, and now that I know how demons are attention thieves and distractors, I am on a mission to tell others. The main purpose of demons is to steal, kill, and destroy. If this is true, what do they steal? Peace, blessings, hope, love, kindness, patience, and other fruits of the spiritWhat do they kill? They murder our character, our God-given drives, our ability to move to help others, and do God’s will and they kill our blessings. What do they destroy? Anything they can. If they manage to destroy God’ s children, it’s for the glory of their father in hell, Satan. 

Paranormal State

Paranormal State (2010)

One example of a show gone wrong is that of Paranormal State. I had enjoyed this show because of its host, Ryan Buell. Ryan seemed authentic, kind, and serious about helping those afflicted by paranormal while on the screen with the “clients” who had suffered from attacks. The show ran until 2010 when Ryan stepped back and canceled the show unexpectedly. What the audience didn’t see was how much the show affected the personal life of Ryan Buell. I started following Ryan on social media in 2014 when I learned he was teaching a demonology class. I thought, “what the heck, why not” and I signed up for the $100 class.

Ryan Buell Mugshot (2017)

The class started, but after one or two classes, Ryan made excuse after excuse to not complete the remaining six-week course. He would sometimes show up in a meeting forum and then would drop out again. He’d kick off a class and the lightning from a storm would flash outside and an evil smile crossed face as the feed went dark and later would give an excuse that the storm had taken down his internet. He then continued using vague excuses that dragged on for months. I never did receive a refund for the class and I was okay with it. I forgave him. You see, Ryan gave me a front-row seat to what a demonic attack looks like, but this was before I was able to understand it. This attack made Ryan fail to follow through with plans. It caused him to self-destruct and it destroyed his reputation, his business, and his ability to overcome his challenges. Ryan tried resurrecting the class in 2017 to save face for the fraudulent class and later I learned that Ryan was suffering from a severe drug addiction that he finally received treatment for the same year. He is clean now and trying to resurrect his past glory in the field and the show, but is meeting limited success because of burned bridges. This is a perfect example of how a seemingly normal young paranormal investigator can become demonized and not know how to defeat a dangerous, smoke-like enemy, because of spiritual blindness during involvement with the paranormal.

The TV is a gateway or portal. It allows demons to traverse technology into your home to see if they can live with you in your home, which is your vessel or body, mind, and soul.

Paranormal TV shows have become more demonic as time advances. At the time I stopped watching Ghost Adventures, the programming was nearly 100% focus on devils, satanism, and evil people. They performed satanic rituals on the shows with seances, ouija boards, satanic and evil artifacts from serial killers, and the like. Demons can walk right into your home from an evil show, especially one where they perform rituals, chants, and spells. I only know this, because when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and subsequently baptized by a crown of thorns with the gift of discerning of spirits, I could physically see, hear, and feel spirits entering through certain modalities. The TV is a gateway or portal. It allows demons to traverse technology into your home to see if they can live with you in your home, which is your vessel or body, mind, and soul.


Time to shut it off and repent! If you are a Christian or are have concerns about addiction with paranormal research shows, ask yourself, “why do I like this so much?” When you answer honestly, you realize it’s the pleasure you receive from the jump scares, the fearful visuals and sounds they create, and the possibility that it just may happen to you. If you have any fear at all with these shows, you are a potential target for more spirits to affect your life in ways that you will only realize when it’s too late. They can affect you deeply. 

Three main spirits work with these types of shows, seducing spiritslying spirits, and the spirit of fear. Together, they will keep you in bondage to sin, not just for the TV show, but in any area of your life that you have a weakness. Other spirits that have attacked people from these types of shows are witchcraft and sorcery, divination spirits, and spirits of necromancy which are summoned during seances that paranormal shows have often done live during holiday specials.

These shows can be very dangerous, they are door openers to the demonic and they steal your time away from the Lord if you are not with a mouthful of praise and worship at all times. If you get to a point where you can no longer stop yourself from watching, you can fall into the sin of idolatry, which has serious consequences in the spirit realm. Also, if you are around anyone who chooses to continue watching these shows, pray before, pray after and praise the Lord all the way through and declare that He has defeated the enemy for them.

If you have also had the desire to learn more about ghosts or have been ghost hunting yourself, please get into your prayer closet and repent, and pray to the Lord to remove any influence of the demonic spirits from you and your family. Have faith that He will and He will!

Blessings to your understandings of this post, I hope it will educate and arm you in your spiritual warfare against our unseen enemy, the devil. God bless!

In Christ,
Darrell B. Jones

Testimony: My Return To Christ

Darrell in 1974.

Although I have only started my close walk with God a mere 21 months ago, I know for sure He has never left my side. He has always remained faithful. When I look back on my life at all the times where I strayed from the path, I can see now where He gently tried putting me back on track. He is truly good, and now that I have returned to Him and put my entire life of His altar and taken up my cross, He blesses me with the favor, not just once a week, but every day.

Suffering from severe depression, before and during my few years as an unbeliever. (2015)

My close journey with Jesus Christ started in the Fall of 2018 after I accepted Him again as my Lord and Savior after finding myself in a terrible state of depression with suicidal thoughts plaguing me week after week. In the summer of 2018, I was finally doing good things for myself and was losing the extra weight I had carried for nearly 15 years. I had stopped drinking entirely earlier that year in May of 2018, and my healthy habits had my mind in more and more clarity. It wasn’t until I began intermittent fasting that I found much more clarity and began to see synchronicities and spiritual connections where I had never seen them before.

Occult Teachings

Depression during Christmas, New Year 2018. Picture was taken while on a healthy lifestyle change of intermittent fasting beginning in December of 2017. Christ was drawing me back to Him during this time.

In September of 2018, I had a supernatural breakthrough, but it was terrifying. I found myself stuck in life and not sure where to move forward. I had one of my children suffering from issues I didn’t know how to approach and I had no idea where to turn for help. When I started studying and researching psychology three years prior, in particular hypnosis, Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Dark Psychology (to understand why people do the things they do), I began to see and know patterns in life. These patterns, as it turns out, were spiritual. They were the fingerprint of God on our world, that many do not see. The DNA of God’s creation and it was only noticeable when I was at my most desperate point.

The Catalyst for Change

Suffering from depression and bouts of alcoholism. (3/2018)

I had been using an application called iReverseSpeech on my phone to record my conversations. I had learned that there were things in this world that the corporations used to gain influence with marketing and advertising to the human mind that most are unaware of. This application was a sound reversing app and I used it to reverse the speech of conversations. It was in these backward conversations, I began to hear a fascinating new way of understanding things. I heard messages, and these messages were often truths. I would record a person from a video or a song, play it backward, and I could hear the person talking about secrets, and sometimes, I could hear them confess to evil acts. Later, I understood this to be a sin confession. Once, I heard a popular politician at the time yell racial remarks backward in a very clear message. These were hidden thoughts of the unconscious mind being heard, or so I thought. Keep in mind that before this, I had also been studying occult technology, alternative history, science, symbolism, and hidden understandings of the world for at least 3 years before finding this new tool, but this information was mind-blowing. I learned that there are many psychoanalysts in the fields of psychology and psychiatry that were using this divining technique to record their patients to fast-track their treatment plans.

It was at this point that I stumbled on something evil. The evil things of this world do not want you to know or believe they exist. When you are using occult understandings or teachings, such as listening to backward conversation and recordings or studying occult teachings, you are opening yourself up to the demonic world and its influence on your life. This is where I found out that demons are real. They are just as evil as you have heard about, and they do not want you to know they are real. They have extraordinary power over your life when you do not know they exist.

Cover Blown

Example of backmasking. Obama Campaign slogan. (2008)

One day, while investigating using this app, I stumbled on voices that were speaking to me directly. They were mocking and ridiculing me. When I listened to one recording from a close family member, I heard the demon speaking the most discouraging things imaginable. It spoke accusations, it spoke of my past sins, and it spoke with hatred and vitriol that I had never experienced in my life. They even made fun of the music I listened to and said, “oh, you like sad music”, then began singing one of my favorite songs, in reverse!

It wasn’t until this point that I realized, they were right! I did listen to depressing music. Demons are real and they hate us. We are never to engage in them in this way, where we use stolen knowledge to gain information about people to control them. This is the essence of witchcraft. This is when I chose to put the app away, permanently. This is also the moment I chose to repent, and I deleted it all the evil things I now knew were not of God and began to repent to God with all my heart. If demons were real, then God is real!

Change of Heart – for God

That night, I deleted the app. I deleted all the music I was listening to, which was quite a library of music. From Prince and the Revolution that I had been fascinated with as a child, to Korn, Metallica, The Strokes, and many countless other alternative, rock, and other bands that I felt did not honor God. I felt it was better safe than sorry. I picked up the Bible, but as I started reading, I thought that it was also wrong and I started reading it backward. When I read it backward, it made sense! Unfortunately, this too was a lie and it is not written to be read backward. I repented, again, and have put away evil ideas of finding secrets through occult means. There are some truths in many things, especially our language, but we cannot trust the information with any true reliability to receive the truth to the world.

There are church ministries today that have followed deceiving spirits in this direction and that hold bible studies using the occult practice of reading it backward, and they believe that it makes better sense backward than forward. I found out that they are wrong. Demons are translators and when they are, they do not tell the truth. They lie – almost always! Do not go and explore occult technologies or teachings, they will deceive you and open you up to the demonic. Seek God’s wisdom from God. Read the Bible and listen to the Holy Spirit!

Seeking Deliverance

Soon after this, I began to become paranoid. These things were evil, they were physically following me, and they did not stop showing me they existed and were everywhere. Wherever I went, I heard them. They would tap on windows as I walked through neighborhoods while walking my dog. They would jump in the trees (there were no squirrels or animals in them) and would make bird noises that spoke my name. Yes, this truly did seem crazy! I was scared and it was the hardest time of my life. Until I realized that demons play off the spirit of fear. Fear gives them control over our lives. We are to fear nothing!

Having no place to go, I decided to reach out to my sister Brenda for help. We had dinner one night and I described what I was seeing and hearing and she recommended listening to Derek Prince Ministries. Once I did, I never looked back.

Healing and Deliverance

I immediately started exploring all the works of Derek Prince Ministries. What an amazing man! So much knowledge, so much education, so much experience! This guy knew what he was talking about and he had real experience with the demonic that I needed to hear. I did everything he said to do and gave my life over to Jesus at the altar as directed. I started praying all the prayers he spoke, going through all the deliverance videos and began to understand, very quickly, what I was up against. As I went through the videos, books, and readings, I acquired an insatiable appetite to learn as much as I could about God’s word and specifically, prayers for deliverance. As I spoke the deliverance prayers I began to notice that there was a difference in my body and mind that I had never thought possible.

Family, a reason to smile! (10/2018)

The voices and issues I had been experiencing before deliverance were stopping and I no longer had the fear I once had. I genuinely put my life on His altar. I gave my life over to Christ completely and I haven’t looked back. During those prayers over the next few days and weeks, I felt my mind change, I felt my body change, and I felt my life change. I was healed during this time of most ailments I had suffered from previously. I had asthma since I was a kid, I had pain in my lower bowels that I was avoiding having checked out, I had occasional issues with my bladder and pain and swelling of my prostate. and before all this, I was in poor health. At the young age of 46, I felt like I only had a few years left to live. Quite frankly, I had been welcoming the idea of leaving the world. Death had seduced me! I was then delivered from the spirit of death and the suicidal ideations as well as the thought that I was going to die early.

I also had been suffering for many years of debilitating depression, anxiety, and many bouts with suicidal thoughts and attempts. In all truth, I should have died a few times, but now I know the Lord keeps me safe. I had also suffered from eating disorders, obesity, alcoholism, and was addicted to pornography. The more I stayed in the word of God and went through the process of deliverance, the more these all faded away. I knew that I was forgiven! I knew that these were no longer my burdens to carry! I also knew that there was no going back. Those demons are relentless and there was no way I was going to give them any access to my life again if I could help it. I was healed of everything after my baptism in the Holy Spirit and I had a new lease on life! I could run down the street and wouldn’t even breathe hard when I was done. God is so good!

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

I was a changed man before this point, but the baptism of the Holy Spirit sealed me for Christ. I was praying and worshiping every day and constantly looking to learn more about what God had for all of His children. It was one day that my family and I were having a frustrating moment that we now know was a demonic attack that was trying to stop what God had planned for us. We were getting ready to go to Walmart when I began to pray. My wife had been upset, the kids were upset, and I knew all there was to do for me was to pray.

This is what I felt like, while baptized in the Holy Spirit in the fall of 2018.

I was sitting comfortably on the couch, turned my hands over, and began to pray. As I did, I lifted my hands higher in the air, palms facing up, and began praying in tongues and praying “holy, holy, holy!” I gave thanks and praised His name. At this moment, I felt something I hadn’t any other time I prayed. It was a warmth and a pressure on both palms of my hands like a light beam was shining down from space that connected with me and I felt the overwhelming sense of peace touch me. I began to tear up and kept my palms up and continued praising Him. My hands were locked in position as though I was being helped and they were held up by a power that I hadn’t felt before. As my hands and arms began to feel electric, I felt a touch on the top of my head that was like having oil poured over my head and body. Second, by second, I felt this new powerful blessing wash over me, from the top of my head and slowly moved through my body, touching every cell, then down to my feet. My brain felt like it was growing and probably glowing. It almost hurt slightly, but it was a feeling like life was being added to me, so I had no fear. My heart was cracking inside of my chest and I felt a heat I had never felt before, radiate from within as my heart raced wildly and began beating harder. The energy then moved down my arms, into my hands, into my legs, and my feet. The Holy Spirit was touching every part of my body and I was being healed. All the pains I felt left me and my mind was at perfect peace. I felt the love of God and I knew that He was doing something to me that was unexplainable.

Even now, as I write this, I am trying to think of what all the things that were done to heal my mind, body, and soul. My heart was healed, my mind was healed and renewed. My arms and hands felt as though they were in a traction beam of pure light and energy and I kept holding them up in the air for over 15 minutes and I was comfortable. It was at this time that my wife came in the room and while she was still upset, she wanted us to leave immediately to run errands, which I knew was a distraction by the enemy to break my connection, so I calmly told her, “please be patient, I’m praying and I love you.” So she reluctantly left the room.

My hands felt like power (light) was shooting through them, they were hot, electric, but liquid at the same time. Each finger was pulsating and this happened also in my legs and my feet as it progressed. This pulsating, beam of light was now moving back to my head and I felt internally a popping and energy moving throughout my brain as it traversed my brain. I felt the vessels and tissues being healed, enlarged and expanded. Sometimes it felt a bit painful, but would quickly turn into peace and comfort. The spaces in my brain above the ears, in my temples, in my occipital lobes were popping open and I felt them cleansed. My frontal lobe was expanded and was pulsating and I felt the joy of the Lord that was now coursing through my body. As this connection began to fade, my body felt as though it was full of the purest light one can imagine. I was energized and I could not wipe the smile from my face.

Baptizing My Family

God brought true joy to our family! (10/2018)

After this experience, I knew that I had to get my family in on this. I had them sit down on the couch, then I touched them on their heads and I prayed for the Holy Spirit to baptize them. I told them to try and speak in tongues, my stepdaughters both started. My wife struggled and to this day, she doesn’t like to try, but I know that she was filled with the Holy Spirit as she experienced the same sensations and power and fear and anxiety she had before this left her. All four of us were lit up with the Holy Spirit and were sitting on the couch with the palms of their hands in the air and we each had a connection to our Father in Heaven we had never experienced before. It was transformed us, healed us, and taught us all at the same time. My mind felt expanded and healed. We knew and still know that this God moment was the most powerful experience we had ever had. Since then, we have experienced the Holy Spirit daily and life only gets better as time passes!

Everything is Spirit!

My wife had been experiencing anxiety before the baptism because we had planned on going to Walmart to buy things we needed. I don’t recall exactly why she was anxious, but after the baptisms, our Holy Spirit family headed off to Walmart. It was at this time that I knew that things were going to be much different. As soon as we stepped outside through the garage door, it was already dark at this point, I saw the stars in the sky. Unlike any other time in my life, I felt them on my head! I would take a step outside the garage and I felt them as though a blanket of pressure was descending on me, it was almost liquid and it was powerful. I began seeing things with a different eye as well and was able to see in the spirit. This experience with pressure was very strong and as I would take a step back into the garage, the pressure would be less, then with a step forward into the moonlight and starlight, again the powerful sense of them would be felt in my head and brain. This was incredible!

Demons Flee!

Back to Church – serving for the first time as ushers for Christmas. (12/2018)

When we arrived at Walmart, I couldn’t help but see people differently. I noticed how sad their faces were. It was as though the filters and deceptions of this world had fallen away and I could see right through the masks people wore into their spirit. People were thirsty! Their faces were down, they frowned, there were wrinkle lines of stress and worry covering their faces and I could see that they were missing something. It was almost like a vision of hell in a way, where everyone I saw was miserable, unhappy, and without God. It was at this time that I became extra friendly and lost any fear I had to talk with people I did not know. I began saying hello to everyone and giving people a smile of encouragement as we walked through Walmart. Keep in mind, that even with this supernatural experience, my wife was still in shock from all that was happening, but she still allowed me to work in the spirit as I talked to people.

Most people were in the store were quite friendly, but some were strangely fearful around me. It was not because of me though, it was because of the spirit of God in me! All I had to do was look toward some people and they would grab their carts and head the other way fast! My kids saw this and could not believe what they were seeing! I had one Walmart employee view me walking down an aisle toward her with my family and her eyes rolled in her head, flexed wide open and I could see fear and panic cover her face as I read her lips and heard her say “JESUS!” and quickly scampered away. It was strange! Please do not mistake me with this information, I know that I am not Jesus, but the spirit of Jesus is in me, this is why demons flee as though Jesus was in the flesh right in front of them. It’s a real thing and I’m sure other Holy Spirit-filled Christians have seen similar experiences in their lives.

Post Baptism of the Holy Spirit, 12/2018

As we walked through the store, this was a repeated theme. Some people smiled as soon as they looked at us and others had pure panic cover their faces as they moved the opposite direction as though they saw a ghost. What I knew then and now is that these were likely the devil’s children written about in 1 John 3:4-10.

That night was quite a learning experience and one, that to this very day, has shown me that the Bible is very real and holds truths to this world that many do not understand because they are deceived. I’ve had nearly two years of these same types of occurrences occur, and I’ve also seen some of the miracles written in the bible manifest in real life. God and I are on a journey together. This is the life I’ve always wanted and I live it every day. He hopes that all His children will believe and begin their walks with Him in the same manner as Jesus did. He truly loves you!


This is the short story of how I returned to Christ. This, by no means, is a closed book, as there is so much to write about and report. Like the anointing I received in December of 2018 that caused the gifts of discerning of spirits to manifest in my life, the walks I have been on with the Holy Spirit, the dealings when Satan who crept into my life to attack, and more stories of the wonderful blessings the Lord has given our family for being faithful. God truly is good and His word is true.

Hitting the streets in Kansas City to share the Gospel and a burger meal. I had found people under a bridge after this picture was taken and fed a man who hadn’t eaten in a few days before I reluctantly took this picture. Witnessing to people who are living in addiction and sin, away from God is not an easy thing to do, but Jesus is leading me to save the lost from my heart. (December 2018)

The day my family and I were baptized in the Holy Spirit was just the beginning! The life we now have is full of experiences many never witness. I now sense His presence every day since my return to Christ and I’ll continue writing this blog and future books. I now know I am called to write to share with others. I know I am to share this and all my stories of God’s truth to minister to people. I know that I have been saved and forgiven. God has planted himself in my heart to go and do the things that Jesus did. Glory to God!

I look forward to hearing your testimonies! I look forward to hearing how God saved you from pain and suffering and to how much He has changed your life since your journey with Him began. I especially look forward to seeing the body of Christ grow as we plant the seeds of His Kingdom and harvest where we have not planted. God is so good and we all need to know that the time of His return in nearing. We are close! Praise Jesus!

In Christ,
Darrell B. Jones

Jones family Christmas – we are at peace in Christ (12/2018)

Testimony: The Devil in Olathe

After visiting and leaving a church one typical winter day in 2018, I drove eastward on 135th street in Overland Park Kansas towards Olathe. As I drove toward I-35, I pondered the remainder of the day. Who I would meet, where I would go, what God would show me as I drove. I am always alert while I drive. Looking at every sign, license plate, persons, vehicles and patterns. I look in everything for patterns that God is seeking to share with me to use to minister to and pray for others. While I drove and prayed in tongues, I received message after message from the Holy Spirit. These messages were for the people driving in the other direction, for people walking, and for people in cars next to me. These messages are constant in frequency and the purpose of each message is to receive information in the spirit that most commonly ignore, resist, and reject, but I listen.

While I drove, I pondered my next destination. I was fasting for the past few days and looking for something to soothe my soul, as I had a stressful situation at the church I just left. Because of this, I decided to drive to a local thrift store, one I had commonly visited in the recent past to comfort my once depressed mind. This day I would look for books in the religious book section, the section that until the fall of 2018, I would avoid, because I had never held any interest.

When I arrived, I went through the usual routine of getting out of the car, entering the store, navigating the situation with the Holy Spirit for people. People to engage and talk to. You see, most people don’t go shopping to shop. They go to be around people, and engage in activities where other people are. If most stores no longer had people, you would be surprised to find that most people would completely lose their interest to go shopping. People love to observe people, and in this case, it is the same for me. I also love to be around people. Now, this wasn’t always the case. It hadn’t been very long ago that I would avoid people and was known to an introvert. Often deflecting conversation for comfort. Most people, I thought, did not have anything nice to say, or so I thought.

I had looked through all the books in the book section, looked for people to talk with about God, but had no success. The Holy Spirit was quiet at this point, so I chose to leave the store. I didn’t purchase anything, didn’t talk to many people except a few people I had greeted and I spoke to the cashiers as I left the store and told them to have a nice day. I didn’t have the feeling that I was called there, so I chose to leave early.

Next Mission

As I drove away from the thrift store, I slowly became disheartened. Partly because of the earlier situation at the church I had visited, partly because the joy I once had by thrifting was no longer felt. I didn’t enjoy shopping any longer since I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in the fall of 2018. I only enjoyed talking with people, helping people, praying for people and seeing people set free from any spiritual bondage God showed me they would have. As I drove away, I was about to go through the intersection where a McDonalds restaurant was when I saw a man at the corner, holding a sign. The sign read: “Lost my job, anything will help” or something to that effect.

When I saw the man, I perceived a message, a warning, from the Holy Spirit, but I didn’t perceive it was related to the man with the sign, so I chose to pull into the McDonalds to speak to him and see what I could do to help.

Meet and Greet

When I arrived at the McDonalds restaurant, I got out of my car and began walking towards the man dressed in a green army coat, now sitting on the brick edging outside the McDonalds store near the street, but off of the sidewalk. I approached him and pondered what I would say. As I am led by the Holy Spirit often, I expected Him to intervene with this new conversation. I didn’t have much money to offer the man, but I wanted to hear his story. Why he was in hard times? Could I pray for him? As I had come to be accustomed to doing since being saved by Christ.

As I approached him, I was taken aback by his appearance. He seemed young, perhaps in his late 20s or 30s. He was trim, and physically fit. His clothes were baggy, slightly disheveled and he was smoking a cigarette, which he blew towards me upon my arrival of standing before him.

Once I was in front of him, I engaged him in conversation. I can tell he wasn’t much in the mood to speak, but was bothered by my need to talk to him instead of throwing money at him and walking away like others likely had before. As he looked up at me, he could not open his eyes all the way, because where I stood, the sun was directly over my head and as I looked down upon his face and into his squinted eyes, he struggled to see me and was visibly annoyed by my presence.

I asked the man his name, how he was doing, how he got to where he was, being ever careful to never speak in a condescending way, and how I could help him. Although I can not sure I am clearly recalling his name, we’ll call him Carl for the sake of this story. The man before me said he had lost his job because he had been fired and that he was now homeless, and was trying to get back on his feet, but his anger was firmly directed at his last employer for firing him and he was verbose in explaining what had happened but none of it made sense. He was quite angry when he spoke of everything. I knew he was angry and bitter, but I was on a mission to change his day from bad to good.

I asked the young man if he was hungry. He said he was and hadn’t eaten that morning, so I invited him into the McDonald’s so I could buy him lunch. It was around 11::00 am in the morning and I was still fasting, but I though this would be a perfect time to break my fast and join him for conversation and food. As we entered into the McDonalds, a group of people stood outside in the cold. They seemingly looked like a group of misfit people. Some sort of gang or group of friends. There was a biker looking guy who was around 30 years old, a young man in his early twenties with his girlfriend who was in her 30s. She was constantly clinging to him, stroking and kissing him, as though it was putting him in some type of trance. He was clean-cut and young, but didn’t appear like he fit into the this gang. She was older and quite a mess. I did not know it at the time, but Carl and these people were doing a gang-like operation of begging for money from unsuspecting citizens.

The Misfits

Carl introduced me to them by name and said to them, “this is Darrell, and he prays for people.” They all laughed nervously but all came to me for a prayer. In hindsight, I didn’t receive any messages from the Holy Spirit before or after I prayed for them, so I had no idea what to expect. It was awkward to pray for them in such a large group, I had not done that before, but I remained faithful and prayed through the awkwardness. They treated the whole experience with a light heart, but in the undercurrent of spiritual discernment, I could tell they all had a fear of Carl.

As I opened the McDonalds door, Carl smiled and asked me my last name. I said my last name and we entered the restaurant to have a conversation and a bite to eat. Once we crossed the entrance threshold of the store, Carl said he needed to use the restroom and headed down the hallway toward the men’s room door. I found a table near by and saw one of the men in the group previously outside of the restaurant had taken a seat in the booth near the one I chose. So, I struck up a conversation with him.

I asked him his name and complimented him on the cross ring he was wearing. At that time, I wore a cross necklace. It was something that helped me remember each moment who I worked for in my new role ministering to people. I asked him if there was anything I could pray for him for. He laughed and smiled and said “sure!” He was ex-Army, in his 30s, heavy set and wore a leather jacket with pins all over. He was quite pleased with the cross ring he showed me earlier and spoke of how he got it with pride, although I don’t recall the details at this time. The man said his name was Bob and said he was injured while serving in the Army, to which I added that I was also a veteran. We chatted for a few minutes of what we did in the military and I ended up praying for his healing for a hurt back, but the strangest part of all of this, is that I didn’t receive messages from the Holy Spirit, He did not give me any messages about these people I spoke to. Something that causes me to pause to this day. Before Carl came out of the bathroom, Bob looked me in the face and said, “you really need to pray for my friend Carl. He’s sick and I think he crazy. He sees demons and he talks to them. He has nightmares constantly and sees horrible visions in his dreams and can never get a full night of sleep. I think He’s schizophrenic.” While alarmed by Bob’s warning about Carl, I said I would pray for his healing. He just smiled and laughed a little.

When Carl came out of the bathroom, we walked together toward the counter. Carl was not wearing the best looking clothing. His appearance drew stares from the other patrons. They were noticeably uneasy by the group of people I was befriending. It was quite strange, but having sat with homeless people before, it was quite common to feel the judgements that come through the eyes of strangers. Besides his clothing, Carl’s appearance was impressive. He was tall and dark with features of beauty in his face unlike I had seen in most people. His cheekbones were high and his face was tone but pock-marked by the noticeable acne he suffered from. His eyes were ice cold blue and they drew my attention immediately. They were absolutely stunning to look at, but seemed disconnected from the rest of Carl, who looked like he had been homeless for longer than he first spoke of. He wore blue jeans, a green army jacket and black boots. All were worn, dirty, and wrinkled. I did not notice any other odors other than the powerful smell of cigarette smoke, which is all too familiar with homeless people.

Lunch and Learn

We walked to the counter and ordered our food. We ordered two Big Mac value meals. I paid with it with my card and we sat down at a booth. We engaged in more conversation while we waited for our food and once the food was ready, they called my order number and I walked back to retrieve our food. As I sat down in the booth, I knew that by our short conversation that Carl, for some reason or other, was an angry man and I could tell he did not like me. While I gave him no reason why he would not like me, he seemed to have a hatred that wasn’t so deep. I could sense it, feel it and detect through his facial features that he had many demons that did not want to deal with me. His face commonly presented tics that I had seen more and more as God revealed the side of spiritual warfare I hadn’t seen before in my life. This time, it was constantly peering through Carl’s eyes and his emotions were always thinly presenting his inner hatred through his facial features.

We sat and began to eat. Carl was amazing. He was highly intelligent, seemingly wise with many comments about the world and its hidden secrets that most never speak of. He spoke of things he had done and places he had been. I learned that Carl had come from an Indian reservation in Arizona. He was descended from the Navajo. As he spoke, I could see the beauty of he native people in his facial structure. He was articulate but struggled with constantly using expletives as adjectives, verbs and nouns. I also struggled with keeping my mind at peace while he spoke because of the negativity and the cursing way he told his stories.

While Carl went to fill his drink, I looked down at my food and knew that I was not going to be able to eat it. I had fasted for several days and as much as I wanted to scarf down this large sandwich and fries, My inner witness would not allow me to do it. Something about Carl made me feel that If I ate with him, I would get sick. So I chose to give my food to him, which he quickly accepted. When he returned, I watched him open the second Big Mac box after he wolfed down his first and begin to eat it savagely, like he hadn’t eaten in much longer than one day. I watched and we talked.

Our conversation was long. I tried to speak about my spiritual journey with Jesus, but he had little interest in it. As we talked, his voice and demeanor became more aggressive and condescending. I spoke mostly about spiritual things, because we both seemed to have a common ground when I did. He often referenced Jesus but only spoke of him in a tone of hatred and intonation showing his displeasure with the story of Jesus. As we spoke of bible stories, he always would try to point out the flaws and minor nuances that degraded the meaning and ultimate love that Jesus had shown us. He kept asking me stories until I realized that he himself knew the stories. He was simply bringing the stories to my mind in attempt to slander Jesus with it and try to show how flawed Jesus was in each story. When he kept trying to get me to speak about Jesus and how he found his disciples, I knew he was only trying to engage in stories to find logic arguments in what Jesus did. I finally had to reject and refuse to engage him with his attempts to debate me about the bible and about Jesus.

Another dangerous behavior Carl had while he spoke to me was his constant need to tear down my way of thinking and my way of speaking. He would constantly correct me in speech patterns that nobody else would even notice. When I spoke and ended my sentences with “right?”, he would shake and become angry at my affirmations. He said my language was controlling and manipulative and that I should not end sentences with the words “right?” because it forces the other person to believe in something that may not be true for them. I found this point of the conversation to be strikingly weird, but we continued on. Later I understood that Carl was a master spell-caster. During our conversation, I could tell he had good control over his language, it was methodical, purposeful, but powerfully negative. Most things he said were in the negative range of word-smithing, especially his need to curse constantly.

Magic Trick

At one point, I spoke to him of what I knew of spirits, especially evil ones, considering what Bob told me about Carl’s problems. He seemed jovial during this part of the conversation and laughing loudly at other times. At one point of the conversation, he spoke of demons. Then he started to perform a magic trick on me. He slowly unraveled his McDonald’s drink cup and as he did, I recognized his pattern of speech changed. He was speaking in riddles and in ways that no one I have ever know, speaks in what I now know as a method of spell-casting.

He became visibly shaken and frustrated. He knew at that moment that he was not dealing with the average Christian. He was dealing with a Holy Spirit-filled, born-again, bible-thumping, discerning of the spirits Christian and it angered him to the point of ending our lunch.

At the end of the hidden spell, he showed me an unravelled cup, looked deep into my eyes with his ice blue eyes and said: “the cup is red, see?”. I looked at the cup, which didn’t change in color and was white, then looked back deeply into his eyes and said, “no, I don’t see red. It’s white.” He became visibly shaken and frustrated. He knew at that moment that he was not dealing with the average Christian. He was dealing with a Holy Spirit-filled, born-again, bible-thumping, discerning of the spirits Christian and it angered him to the point of ending our lunch. I asked him if he needed a prayer and he looked back at me as he walked toward the door we had entered with the hatred of a hundred demonic spirits and said, “no, I don’t want you to pray for me”.

As he quickly left to join the group he was with, I told him it was really great to meet him and that I prayed for him to be blessed. He never looked at me again as we left the restaurant. He just turned his head back at me, never looking at me again, and yelled to me, “well, I am not happy I met you and I don’t bless you.”

As he joined his friends outside of the McDonalds, I was saddened that this would be the final result of our meeting. I had hoped for a change of heart. To see Carl smile, perhaps be healed, or perhaps be saved. It wasn’t to be, it was his will and it wasn’t mine to use witchcraft to manipulate him to change.

The moment felt surreal. As I got into my car and drove away, all at once, it came to me that these were not a common everyday homeless group of people, but the real deal, satanic devil-worshipping, black magic spell casting witch coven. It was so new to me that I had no idea what I had walked into. The Holy Spirit then filled me in with all the details that I had no knowledge of. These were satanic cultists. They had a gang that performed crimes, magic, spells, and more and they were in the area. Whether they were native to Olathe or not, I do not know. But we had met for a time and I learned more than I wanted to know.

As I left and looked at their faces again, they appeared more distorted than before. I recognized different things about them that I missed before. They were full of hatred, but scoffed because the typical Christian they meet is barely Christian at all. They were used to putting spells on a typical Christian and seeing the spell work, because they had done it in the past. Although I knew I was out of my comfort zone driving away from the group of sad people, I knew that God was with me. He comforted me and protected from Carl’s witchcraft and his spells did not work, because the devil had nothing in me to work with. Carl was visibly pained by our encounter, because I believe that deep down, he knows he is playing on the wrong team. He was a tortured man. He did not sleep well, because the devil you play with, when you don’t have anything for them to do, turns on you and tortures you.

Attacks at Home

As I drove home, I called my wife to let her know I was on my way. When she answered, she was audibly shaken. I asked her what had happened and she said that while she was doing the laundry, she had horrible oppressive suicidal thoughts that kept running through her mind. These “thoughts” told her to kill herself, harm herself, or get in the car and so something deadly. She said she was able to ignore the voices and after she prayed, the voices went away.

I was dumbfounded. Indeed this man who I had just fed and wanted to help was into satanic witchcraft. Carl’s frequent visits to the bathroom were his way of trying to harm me and my family. When he went to pray in the bathroom, which was several times, he was speaking curses and sending demons to my wife and likely to anyone in my life who he was able to influence through the demonic gangs he worked with. This was 100% real and it happened to me.

Carl was angry, but he had reason to be. I now know that Satan can manifest in willing humans when they yield to him. John Ramirez, a ex-satanist priest, confirms it, Bob Larson the exorcist knows it’s true. He is able to appear to you through people, just like in Matthew 16:22 when Peter tried to rebuke Jesus and told him, “never Lord!”, but Jesus rebuked Peter and said: “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me;”.

It was only a month later when I had met Carl again. This time in the spirit. I didn’t see him, it was through a waking dream. The waking dream was a nightmare and I had demonic images, thoughts and feelings thrown at me. I recall waking up and being frustrated, because I knew that someone was praying against me and cursing me. Then I heard his voice: “thank for lunch!”.

Witches only need to know your name or have a visible reminder of you to send spirits against you using black magic or witchcraft.


There are people in this world whose father is the ruler of this world. They give Satan access into their lives by yielding to him for power, wealth, sex, and fame. Most who do so, see only limited success in these areas unless they are very loyal to him. Once he entraps a person with his supernatural powers, they must perform, they must do work for him or they receive discipline. He expects discipline, similar to how God does, after all, he steals God’s ways and methods and puts a twist on them to enslave people.

People, like Esau, have truly sold their portion of their inheritance in the Kingdom of God to Satan for a bowl of soup and I don’t doubt that some have done it for less than that. We do really have an enemy in this world and one that should be taken seriously. He works in our lives through accidental agreements too, when we don’t listen to and obey God, when we give in to the flesh, and when we sin.

It’s time for us to repent, to learn more about God’s ways and help each other. God said his children are being destroyed for a lack of knowledge. This testimony is one artifact of knowledge. One story among other stories you may have heard, but this story was mine to tell. I lived it and am now telling you about it so you may have a testimony to share with others. If you know me, you know that I have no reason to lie. I have nothing to gain by this and have no interest in worldly wealth or fame. I only want to see God’s Kingdom advance. If this is one way I can make that happen, then so be it.

Jesus loves you, be blessed!
In Christ’s love,
Darrell B. Jones

Discerning of Spirits: Stiff-Necked People

“You stiff-necked people! Your hearts and ears are still uncircumcised. You are just like your ancestors: You always resist the Holy Spirit!”.

Acts 7:51

Stiff-neck is common ailment. In America 30% of the population will experience neck pain with 50% experiencing frequent neck pain in any given year. There are 19 verses in the bible pertaining to this common ailment. Acts 7:51 is one that explains it well. There are other verses in both the Old and New Testaments where the condition was used to describe people’s stubbornness to accept God’s words or follow His commands. According to God’s word, we have been rebellious children throughout the ages.

Occasionally, we all get a stiff-neck or experience a “pain in the neck”. When this common syndrome occurs, we often will feel tension build in the neck and it sometimes accompanies a clicking sound when we roll our head around. It can sometimes produce headaches when we do not find relief. Neck pain can last for an hour or for months. What I intend to present is, that this type of pain may be a symptom of a larger spiritual problem at play, and God may be trying to warn us.

Early in our marriage, my wife had this same neck condition become so severe that she had to receive chiropractor treatments frequently to help her deal with the pain. It was both expensive, since our medical insurance didn’t pay for the frequent visits, and ineffective, as the pain always returned over time. She had these frequent chiropractic adjustments over a period of months during the short time I thought I was an atheist. We eventually found the cure to relieve her constant neck pain when we returned to follow our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We just did not recognize this truth at the time.

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11:28-30

Word of Knowledge

I sometimes get a pain in my neck where I noticeably feel pops in the joints of my vertebrae. My neck will feel so tense that it becomes a challenge to turn my head. At many times in my life, I thought this pain was stress related or perhaps that I was not taking proper care of my body. After the Holy Spirit baptisms I experienced in the fall/winter of 2018, I was taught that the root cause of stiff-neck was actually a spiritual issue and most importantly, it is one that can be healed. It is a condition likely caused by sins of being rebellious, not having a heart able to hear God’s truths, or obeying His commandments.

A stiff-neck, similar to other pains I will explore in other blog posts, can be a word of knowledge about a spiritual injury a person has. With the stiff-neck example, it can signal that the person is being stubborn and not obeying God, but it can also mean the person is not giving up their burdens to the Lord. We all can fall into sin through temptations of the cares of this world, taking after idols, or not listening to what God commands us to do. Heavy burdens are no longer yours to bear once you have taken up your cross to follow Jesus. In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus says to take up his yoke and His burden, for they are easy and light. We no longer need to shoulder ungodly burdens by our own strength, we must use His. We also must not take after idols. The love of money is a dangerous thing and God showed me many times that men can easily get stiff-necked when they begin to worship other gods instead of Him.

Spiritual Discernment

God’s Word never fails. He will always heal you if you dare to believe Him. Men are searching everywhere today for things with which they can heal themselves, and they ignore the fact that the Balm of Gilead (Jeremiah 8:22) is within easy reach.

Smith Wigglesworth

These days, when I experience pains in my neck, I recognize them not as my own. When I do experience the pain symptoms, it is the Holy Spirit speaking to me about the condition of someone around me with a spiritual problem, sometimes manifesting with physical pain. The pain often fades away just as quickly as it began when I recognize what the Holy Spirit is telling me. Some prophets I have me have called this “data” or information to act on in the spirit. It is more common than many realize and it quite useful in ministering to people.

Since I received this knowledge in the gift of discerning of spirits and I feel my neck pop or crack or I feel a stiffness, I predetermine that the pain is usually not mine. It is almost always another person in the room, on the phone with a person in the room, a person who sent an e-mail, a person who drove by, or someone who walked by me in a park. It’s a real gift, it’s called spiritual discernment and it’s a way to engage with people to deliver messages that most never hear. These Holy Spirit delivered messages are critical for proper identification of spiritual problems for healing, encouragement and the building of faith in others. God wants people healed and delivered!

While some readers of the post will scoff at the idea that this is discernment and while it may sound crazy to some, this is how I found the Holy Spirit to work with me. God’s ways are above ours and I no longer have any doubt. This is the gift and I use it exactly how the Lord has trained me to use it. I have prayed for many people using this gift and even had other ministers experience the same gift in my presence. Through prayer and laying on of hands, I have ministered healing to people to overcome their pain, injuries, and infirmities. None of this is possible unless it is by the Holy Spirit, which is the spirit of God. Jesus Christ will always get the glory. With Him, anything is possible for those who believe.

So, the next time you experience pain in your neck or a stiffness, especially one that comes on quickly, explore this with the Holy Spirit. Ask:
Why do I have this pain?
Am I kicking against the goads or not listening to God?
Is someone around me suffering from this?
Who is it?
Finally, ask Jesus, “how can I minister to this person?” If we have our eyes, ears, senses and hearts open, Jesus is willing to teach us a whole lot more!

Now that this knowledge and wisdom has been shared with you, you will be amazed how often opportunities to discern will occur for you. God is willing to work with you to minister to others, if you give ourselves completely over to Him. When you do, you too can see Jesus Christs gifts manifest in your life.

There are people who are experiencing pain right now in the world. We are the hands and feet of God created to help them and with or without discerning gifts from the Holy Spirit, you are still commissioned as a Holy Spirit-filled believer in Jesus Christ, to minister healing too. Mark 16:17-18

Circumcise your hearts, therefore, and do not be stiffnecked any longer.

Deuteronomy 10:16

“Are You Kidding Me?!” Naysayers…

This blog post was not written to take people away from the medical community. They have their place and purpose, especially with traumatic injuries and other defects. I am speaking from the spiritual side of our existence that God has shown me for the past 21 months. Yes, there will be naysayers. I’ve heard a lot of it these days. People who I have met, both believers and unbelievers alike, who have questioned what I have experienced and chose unbelief instead of accepting that God’s powers are many and they are subtle too, just like His still small voice that some are able to hear.

To be clear, I’ve also been a naysayer for a great deal of my life too. A stubborn, rebellious, uncircumcised ear, donkey-headed sluggard who likely caused much of the pain in my wife’s neck in the early years of our marriage, when we weren’t running to God with our problems. Thankfully, she has been healed for nearly two years. Whenever she has pains in her neck, especially when I am around, I repent and pray against it. Then, she too repents and prays against it. The pain goes and we are obedient. It keeps us both healed and stiff-neck pain free.

I know now that I have experienced the glory of God’s healing and the powers of Jesus Christ. It has been an ongoing adventure and one that I want to share with others. While I know some will never experience the truths I have found, I know that I have tasted His goodness. No one can reduce my belief in Him or instill unbelief that I have worked so hard, with Him, to cast away.

May God give grace and mercy upon your life in this hour. May this teaching bring understanding and wisdom you need to see the millions ways that God works in our lives and in the world to help us, guide us, and heal us. Why? Because He loves us.

In Christ,
Darrell B. Jones

Spirit of Death: “What’s the point?”

My family and I drove around Kansas City last night after having an ice cream treat. I wasn’t expecting much since most everything is closed, just a short one-hour drive to get out of the house and see parts of the city we had not viewed in months.

The one thing that bothered us, while driving, was the number of reckless speeders on the roads. Some cars were going at least 20 over and the majority of cars were speeding. We then recalled how many people have sped past our house in the past days. Then it hit us, there were no police! In fact, I don’t recall seeing many police anywhere lately, even in the area where we live where we see them frequently.

What happened? I know police morale is at an all-time low, but would that stop them from doing their work? Then I read the attached article this morning.

LAPD Morale Collapses to ‘Record Low’: ‘It’s Simply Not Worth It Any Longer’

What have people done? When the police and the people who protect us think “what’s the point”, we are in trouble! That is the spirit of death, and I know that it affects many lives in this hour, you don’t need much spiritual discernment to feel that.

Please, do not lose hope. Reject the spirit of death by rejecting hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and despair. Tell any thought or voice that says “what’s the point?” or “nobody cares” to shut up! We will get through this! Trust in God to get us through this!

I pray for the world to recover quickly. It has become very challenging to even talk to the kids about the affairs of the world, it is simply too disheartening.

During these times, we do our best to keep our mouths full of praise. We worship often, we exercise and we pray all day long for our neighbors and for friends and family members who seem to have dropped off the planet. I know we are not alone and if you are reading this, YOU are definitely not alone, you are loved! ❤️

Blessings to you this day, I pray that hope, peace and joy are restored to the hearts and minds of all, may the Lord shine His grace and mercy on your life and family and give you rest. 🙏