Holy Spirit Moments Ahead!

I had a supernatural moment today when the Holy Spirit stopped my cart as I nearly strolled past a gentlemen in a thrift store. I knew as soon as the cart stopped, that it was a divine moment. When I looked at him, he was holding a cross decoration and his smile was infectious. The interaction was an awesome moment, shared with a fellow believer in Jesus Christ. We shared church information and the Lord was speaking through us both with encouragement and an understanding of His love for His church that no words express well. It was an touching move of the Lord that is becoming more and more common in the body of Christ in this hour. His loves brings me to tears when He moves in the least expect moments, teaching us all to expect the unexpected!

As soon as this interaction was done, the cart began to move, where it had refused to move before. No rock, no pebble, but a force that stopped the wheels until this special moment had passed. Why does this happen? Because the Lord goes before us, He is beside us, and He even works behind us everywhere we go in this life (Deut. 31:8). He is IN us! He knows our hearts and does everything He can to bring us into close relationship with Him and the other members of His body, because He loves us!

May this word bring you hope to be on the lookout! Expect goodness to go before you and meet you in the least likely or expected places. Remember, we are a gift to this world and when we walk in His love, joy, mercy, and grace, we walk closely with the Lord. We can change the atmosphere with prayer, encourage others to know the Lord, share the gospel with our lives, and express God’s love through our eyes and the very words we share with others.

My friend, you ARE a light unto the world!
You are loved! ❤️

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Matthew 5:14

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