Jesus Freak

Many people who follow me on my social media or on any platform probably think I am a Jesus freak, to which I will say that yes, they are right. I am!

If you have anti-Christian viewpoints that you would like to challenge me with, you will find that I have a rebuttal for most if not all of them. You see, not long ago, I was an atheist. I rejected the idea of a God. Mainly because I had no interaction with Him, or so I thought. I had a damaged life, damaged relationships, damaged mind and a broken heart.

At my lowest, I began to see through the deception to what this world really is. I saw the dark side. I see the darkness, which is the spiritual realm every day. I hear them, smell them, feel them, and know that the dark side are kingdoms. When I realized this – I called out to God. I prayed fervently to God. He showed up! I see God’s kingdom here too.

I was baptized in the spirit! Born again! I was healed completely! My 20 year long battle with depression – gone! My body, mind and soul healed! My mind – renewed! My life, spared! My sins, forgiven! I began to speak in new tongues, understand things that made no sense to me before, and continue to be gifted with knowledge and wisdom that only and everlasting God could give. I now walk with these gifts daily. 1 Corinthians 12:7-11

I now read the words of the bible and know that they truly happened and there is a deeper level that God has for each of us. A purpose. And Jesus explained it best. To love God with our whole being and to love each other as He loves us.
I have seen miracles!

So now, I am a true believer. One who has seen and heard the truth and knows too much to ever be deceived by this world or the lies therein. I believe in prayer, because I was given a gift to see it work. I believe in Jesus Christ because He truly lived and died for us. So we may have an everlasting life with Him in Heaven once this life is over.

Are you saved? Are you baptized in the Holy Spirit? Are you born again? If not – get to a church and get started today. Bear in mind, not every church understands all this, but you have to start somewhere. And crack open that Bible!

The events occurring today in our world are not by mistake. God is awakening His people at a quickening pace and it’s time you got to know Him better if you haven’t already.

You are loved! ❤️

In Christ,
Darrell B. Jones

We Shouldn’t Be Social Distancing

Physical distance, yes, perhaps if you’re germaphobic, but social distancing? Absolutely not.

The word “social” comes from the word socius which means “companion” or “ally”, and etymologists believe it probably meant “follower”.

The word “distance” comes from the Latin word distantia, which means “a standing apart,”, but also means: civil strife, rebellion, disagreement, or discord.

Social distancing literally means cutting yourself off from an ally, companion, or friend. It means we are divided. When you are a Christian – you are in the body of Christ and Christ is, therefore, in you. When you cut yourself off from other followers – you cut yourself off from God (1 Corinthians 12:12-27).

Words have power and these mantras or talismanic words such as “social distancing”, “safer apart”, “quarantine”, “isolation”, are extremely bad for our minds and our hearts, especially when we are forced to hear them non-stop and see them wherever we go. These are methods of programming and are dangerous to human minds.

When we practice social distancing, we mentally, socially, physically and emotionally will “cut off” ourselves from our brethren and from God. We are branches and we can’t simply cut ourselves off from the vine, lest we die. – John 15. Neither should we cut ourselves off from each other.

We are all in this together, 6 feet or not. Let’s stop with the evil talisman words – haven’t we heard them them enough? Let’s stop with shaming each other – haven’t we been separate for long enough? If we haven’t “flattened the curve” by now, we likely never will, so let’s change the script and come together in special service and celebrate our God.

You are loved.❤️

But God has put together all the parts of the body. And he has given more honor to the parts that didn’t have any. 25 In that way, the parts of the body will not take sides. All of them will take care of one another. 26 If one part suffers, every part suffers with it. If one part is honored, every part shares in its joy.

1 Corinthians 12:24-26

The New Normal

The new normal is the planned destruction of our daily life as we previously knew it. If this virus or the response to it hasn’t affected you financially yet, it will. It’s a plan and it’s been in the works for years. It’s no longer a conspiracy – it is reality.

A plan for what? Control. We are in the birth pains of what leaders called the New World Order (NWO). Research it and you will have an idea of what it means. The plans are not very secret because we are to accept them to be the new normal and many will, without hesitation. You’ve likely seen all the movies, that have prepped you to this current reality, disguised as entertainment. The Holy Spirit will bring those to your mind as you read this.

As a Christian – it is harvest time and the workers are few. We must reach out to the lost, now.

People are are seeking peace but only finding CNN and Netflix. They are seeking comfort but only finding liquor and grocery stores open. They are seeking rest but are kept awake by anxiety and fear of what is to come. They want love but are only finding stay at home and social distancing orders, porn and pets. How are we to help?

The churches are closed, with quickly changing reasons to keep them closed leaving many with no where to go to seek God’s presence or answers to burning questions. The purpose of closing churches is to attempt to affirm to the masses that Christianity is a religion that is out of touch or irrelevant. That the words written in the Bible are not true or not valuable in today’s situations. These have never been more false, but how are the present leaders of the churches overcoming these arguments?

The world news releases daily, why aren’t the church leaders? Where are the daily sermons, videos, blogs, and posts to lead the sheep to the truth, which is their food? To their bread, which is deliverance? Not just work that was done months or years ago detailing how the bible was written, but information that pertains to today’s events, inspired by God?

Let us thank some of these prophets (Mario Murillo – New Normal) for at least discussing them and bringing revelations to light. They are doing it despite the opposition, despite the naysayers and despite those who call them conspiracists or worse. And what about the revivalists? These are desperate times and desperate times are perfect for revival. But how do we have a revival when stay at home and social distancing measures are in place? Who will lead the way? The body of Christ is strong when we are together!

We must not lose hope or our peace. Those can only be found in one place; the love of Jesus Christ. Keep your eye on God. Seek Him with all your mind, body and strength. He will carry us through this. Pray as though your life depends on it, because it does.

You are loved! ❤️