Keep Each Other Safe?

This traffic safety alert sign is in Kansas City. It tells us that “it is our job to keep others safe”.

Is it our job?

We’d like to think we can do it alone, but God is way better at this job than we ever could ever hope to be. God is the only one who can protect us from deadly viruses, bacterias, sickness, and death. We are prideful and naive to believe that we can do it by our own measures alone.

God does His job quite well, too.

From birth, He gave us an amazing immune system that defeats most things from harming us. And if we do our job by keeping our bodies as a temple (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), and by trusting God; He can protect us, heal us, and save us; because we are His.

We need to yield to Him. We need to listen to Him.

We often defeat our own immunity by putting things into our bodies that do not honor ourselves or God. We have the freewill to destroy our own blessed health by not exercising, carrying too much weight, rejecting nutritious food, or by not maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Instead, we binge on whatever gives us pleasure. We take shortcuts that have bad outcomes. We do this when we listen to our enemy who uses many devices and temptations to deceive, control, manipulate and dominate us with fear and lies.

So, do you think this sign is true? Is it our job to keep each other safe? Because if it truly is, then we must close the abortion clinics. They do not keep our humanity safe.

And while we are at it, let’s put a complete stop to all forms of people abuse and poverty. Let’s shut down porn sites, human slave factories and anti-human systems that tries to destroy human life. Let’s also destroy every man-made, processed food, drug, or deception that hurts our minds, bodies or spirits. Especially if it destroys the human immune system.

So if it is our job (and it is), then, let’s do our job and bring Heaven to earth! Let’s have faith in God to help us!

You are loved! ❤️

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13