My first Blog

Having as many years of experience in the world of IT, 20 to be exact, you’d think I would have lovingly embraced blogs and started one myself when they first began to appear.  If you did think that, you’d be so wrong, woefully, unforgettably wrong.  But right at the same time. Alas, here I am and here are these words, appearing in all their grandeur before me on this newly forgotten page in the recesses of the love seat called the internet.  Scratching out unimpressive words to complete sentences of boredom and and paragraphs of mediocrity.  I’d love to impress upon you my mad skills at creating stories worth reading or even objectively writing articles that would cause immediate overnight fame.  I simply am not that kind of person though.  This may have been a dreaded, all to familiar mistake.

So let’s start easy. What is a story? What is the path to tell one? What can I do with this blog that would be meaningful and worthwhile to all of humanity? Perhaps I’ll address that some other time, since I only have a few minutes to jot this and move on to the next particularly shiny thing to come across my path in my pursuit of controlling my attention. Oh look, a new tweet.